Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skin Creations by John Wayne at Bee Sting Tattoo in Belle River, Ontario

Done!!! got a healed pic of this sleeve, it was sooo much fun and a great theme!!!! thanx homie... grow another arm for me will ya !!!! custom design done with the Dragonfly tattoo machines. Fusion Inks

Another addition to the Elvira sleeve. Soooo much fun when you get to chose the idea.
Done with the Dragonfly tattoo machine custom design

Finished!!!!! gonna have him come back in a month or two to tighten up some stuff, but this is it. Was a blast Dustin, thanx so much for the opportunity to do something so fricken coooool!!!! custom design

Voila!!!! 1 more quick session to tighten up some stuff, but hey this is it :)
custom design See more at
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