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Exploring The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The corrupt modern Sweden gets an honest portrait from the journalist Stieg Larsson, in the form of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The characters of his trilogy are unconventional to say the least, and the basic themes around which the series revolves are control, abuse and revenge (going on between different players).

Expert on Right Wing Extremism

One thing is for sure, Stieg Larsson wants to make sure we know everything about the central characters. Stieg Larsson was one of the leading experts on right wing extremism throughout the world and he went on to become the editor in chief of the magazine Expo (its mission was to expose the right wing extremism). He also worked as a consultant for Scotland Yard, which means he was just the right person to write the Millennium trilogy.

A Society Built With Characters

The book is replete with numerous characters, and there is quite a society built within the books. The social structure is pretty much evident through the way Lisbeth Salander is hired by Henrik Vanger (you'll come to know about the complicated route when you actually read the book). Stieg Larsson believes this is how the world actually works and Larsson makes sure this is an integral part of his social commentary.

It's a Personal Quest for Blomkvist, Too

The event when Blomkvist was jailed due to the charges brought by the corrupt Wennerstrom and his (Blomkvist's) quest for revenge is central part of the theme, which runs throughout the book. Even the peripheral characters are no less important in the book (even the daughter Mikael Blomkvist helps with the Bible references). Everyone in his book wants to control the others throughout in the series, including Erica Berger, the protagonist's best friend and boss, who is a powerful woman who controls all aspects of her own life and the men around her. Mikael Blomkvist's life is being controlled by Henrik Vanger who promises handsome financial and professional rewards if he gives one year of his life to Vanger (to investigate one past family incident).

The Art of Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs, From Sleeve To Back Piece

The tribal shoulder tattoo design happens to be one of the most original tattoos there is when it comes to artwork. You have probably scoured the internet trying to find quality designs, only to come up empty, but there are easy ways to the original art online, which I will show you.

I am going to assume that you already know the general area which you would like your tribal shoulder tattoo. I will also go ahead and guess that you have searched all over the place for quality designs, only to be disappointed with what you have found. I know this, because I did it myself. The good news is that you can bypass all of the crud out there and find the hidden places with original artwork online. Remember, you do not have to settle for a Google search, or some generic, cookie-cutter website with tattoos to find your ultimate tribal shoulder tattoo art.

All of these places have designs and tattoos that have been spread all over the internet already. Most of these places also have artwork that is over five years old. Who knows how many people already have those tribals and designs inked on their shoulders and back already? Now, on to the part where you can bypass all of that while you search for a quality tribal shoulder tattoo...

It all starts with internet forums. You would not believe the amount of good information you can find at a forum. Remember, people love to brag to others when they find a hidden treasure, like a websites with tattoos, or in this case and place with tons of quality tribal shoulder tattoo designs. There is no better place for these folks to share the wealth than by using a forum and you can reap the benefits. Most of the top notch places don't come up in Google searches or such, and forums are your way to find out what others have searched for and found already.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brian Littrell Tattoos

Brian Littrell is an American singer-songwriter, known as a member of the music group Backstreet Boys, and for albums such as Millennium and Black & Blue.

Brian Littrell has been spotted with a couple of tattoos, including a religious masterpiece on his left shoulder which contains a cross with clouds and sunbeams, the saying "Rock of Ages", along with an angel head and wings.

His other tattoo is an armband of lyrics reading "It was the 15th of June when she walked in my life, it was the first time someone said hello with her eyes".

Australian Flag Tattoo - Find the Best Possible Artwork

There are a lot of junk tattoo designs floating around on the internet and if you do a search in Google or yahoo for Australian flag tattoo design you are bound to find a few of them. But is this what you really want?

Personally when I am looking for a new tattoo design I want it to be original, something a little different that expresses my personality and it has to be of a high quality so that the tattoo artist has the best possible chance of creating something spectacular. If you have already come across some Australian Flag tattoo designs on the internet by using an image search or one of the search engines, go back and take another look.

I bet that they are probably of a low quality, which means that when the tattoo artist enlarges them they will become grainy and useless, or even if it is of a good quality you will find that the same design keeps coming up over and over again. This means that millions of other people have already seen and used this design. I don't know about you but I definitely wouldn't want something like that tattooed on me.

So should you give up on finding a great Australian flag tattoo sketch on the internet. Definitely not! All you have to do is become clever about where you look. First things first, stay away from the search engines. This is where everyone else goes and you wont find anything original or exciting there.

So where should you look?

Well it took me a while to figure this out, but the best place to find high quality, original artwork is in the tattoo forums on the internet. These places are the stomping ground for loads of professional tattoo artists, and many of them upload their latest designs to see what other forum users think of them. This means that you can gain access to the latest professional designs before anyone else in the world!

But wait, that's not even the best bit! If you go to their archive section you will find links to some of the best and most well hidden online tattoo art galleries. These places are literally bursting with awesome tattoo designs of every kind and they are constantly updated with fresh content. And the great thing is that none of the designs show up in the search engines so you can be sure you won't be getting the same thing as everyone else!

So if you are looking for that perfect Australian Flag tattoo, forget about using those search engines and get yourself over to the online tattoo art galleries and forums.

Awesome twitpics from Carlos Torress

A short session today but having alot of fun freehanding most of this. Background is next
A short session today but having alot of fun freehanding most of this. Background is next
Tattoo I did in Essex, England at immortal ink
Tattoo I did in Essex, England at immortal inkOne more session to tighten things some things up and add some highlights
One more session to tighten things some things up and add some highlights
Finaly finished this one... Laker game and beers now
Finaly finished this one... Laker game and beers now

1st session alot more to go on this sleeve. Now Lakers and beers
1st session alot more to go on this sleeve. Now Lakers and beers
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Jeff Croci of Seventh Son Tattoo

View All Photos | Seventh Son Tattoo

View All Photos | Seventh Son Tattoo

View All Photos | Seventh Son Tattoo

View All Photos | Seventh Son Tattoo

You've Seen The Butcher by Deftones

It's completely normal to rock a library rager so hard you end up covered in blood, right? The Deftones think so. Watch as the band pisses off every librarian who has ever lived as they bloody up the books in their new video for "You've Seen The Butcher." Read more

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amy Lita Dumas Tattoos

Amy Dumas, better known by her stage name Lita, is an American singer and professional wrestler, known for her work as WWE Diva.

Amy 'Lita' Dumas has a few tattoos which are quite visible, including an Asian oni demon mask on her right shoulder, plus numerous voodoo skulls on her left arm and shoulder area.

Lita is also said to have a few other tattoo designs, including Chinese symbols on her upper back, the word PUNK on her inner lip, plus the word REBEL in Russian located on her neck.

Tattoos from Mutsuo at Three Tides Tattoo, Japan






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Would you take health advice from Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy Osbourne is the new Dear Abby

Last Updated: 12:32 AM, October 27, 2010

Posted: 11:35 PM, October 26, 2010 more: Ozzy Osbourne is here to solve the world's problems. The seasoned rocker has been signed up by Rolling Stone as its "health columnist." His first outing as the magazine's agony aunt for health, sex and family matters offers such gems of wisdom as this one on how to discuss the dangers of drugs with your kids: "The only time I ever talked to my kids about drugs, it was to ask, 'Can you give me some?' " "Dr. Ozzy" also has kind words for "Adam, from Brooklyn," who complains his girlfriend is too tired for sex. "As I've always said to Sharon, there are 24 hours in a day, so it shouldn't be hard to make sure you spend at least one of them together. Go on a date. Have dinner together. Or put on a wig and a false beard, check into a B&B and [bleep] the [bleep] out of each other, like you're having an affair . . . maybe she just wants more excitement in her life."Read more from the newyork post:

New ink from Bob Tyrell!

View All Photos | Me and John Wayne did this one. John did almost all the color, haha! | Bob Tyrrell's Night Gallery
Me and John Wayne did this one. John did almost all the color, haha!
View All Photos | Bob Dylan | Bob Tyrrell's Night Gallery
Bob Dylan
View All Photos | Bob Tyrrell's Night Gallery
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Two of my appointments canceled this weekend at the tattoo/horror con in Orlando, if anyone wants ink, hit me up!

More pics from 2010 Convention of Tattoo Arts in SF

Shige from Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan
Shige from Yellow Blaze finishing a sleeve tattoo. See more at
Todd Noble of Skull and Sword Tattoo, SF
Todd Noble of Skull and Sword SF, working on a neck tattoo. Check him out at
Grez from Kings Avenue Tattoo performing a knee tattoo. See is work at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen of Women Body Painting 2010

Do you like the body painting? If you've got the information about body painting? If not here on my blog where this all related to body painting, I show to you all, that at times the body painting is dedicated to women in like many people in 2010, many millions of people started doing body painting as needed usually for exhibitions, competitions and so forth, may be in the picture below can be the inspiration for you all ok ..

Original ink from Josh Woods at Black 13 Tattoo Nashville, TN

View All Photos | monkey t 2010 | JOSH WOODS