Thursday, December 16, 2010

girls tattoos

Now so many girls out there from celebs to tiny teens all have tattoos. In fact Angelina Jolie is considered the most popular celebrity for tattooing. Nowadays girls sporting tattoo pictures on their body are considered sexy, attractive and stylish. So do you wish to get one too!

There are thousands of tattoo pictures. Many are unisex but some are exclusively for women or more inclined towards them. They have feminine design and are liked by most girls. Many of these tattoo pictures also convey the feminine message of beauty, love and sexuality.

Let’s see what makes certain female tattoo pictures and a list of most popular female tattoos!

It is universally believed that women are more delicate, tender, and smaller in physique than males. That is why tattoo pictures will generally be smaller in size, with pretty colors. They will be smaller scattered tattoos all over rather than a big tattoo in one place. You will rarely find a girl with a full sleeve tattoo. Even celebrity females have tattoos scattered all over. Also women are more calm and not that aggressive. So you will find girls with dragon tattoo pictures but not that often with a fire dragon.

Then there are fairy and flower tattoo pictures reserved for females only. Flowers are delicate and beautiful just like females. Fairies are magical creatures which get attracted to those who are true and innocent and fulfill their desires. Also fairy is considered as a female creature which is tiny and vulnerable. These qualities are those of women too.

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