Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tattoo Art Gallery

more tattoo picturesIf you are very interested in getting a tattoo, then please, Please, PLEASE shop around! Every tattoo artist has his or her own personal tattoo art gallery in the form of pictures that they have take of their past tattoo designs. Nowadays, many tattoo artists have actually taken art classes, and are very good at what they do. I personally had a tattooist who had recently graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago. His artwork, on paper as well as on skin, was phenomenal! I have heard that this artist moved to Tijuana, and opened an excellent tattoo studio. Of all places, he is probably kept busy by the many eighteen-year-old party teens - newly graduated and looking to enhance their party experiences!

Not all tattoo artists are going to have the credentials that mine had, but that should not stop you from looking at others. There are many self-taught, talented tattoo artists - you just need to shop around for them. Oh, a quick word to the wise: Tattoo artists generally will NOT work on a person if he or she is drunk. (Even though many weird tattoo stories seem to start with, "Well, I was drunk one night, and I . . .") Some inexperienced people may believe that dulling the senses with alcohol will help the tattooing procedure less painful. However, alcohol thins the blood, making you bleed more while the artist is working. Yes, he or she is poking you with a needle, so, yes -- you will bleed!

Some bleeding is normal, however, bleeding a lot (like when drunk) can potentially hide the tattoo as it is being worked. Therefore, you may end up with a tattoo that does not meet good quality standards, simply because your bleeding distorted the tattooist's view! (Yes, it would be YOUR fault - not the tattooist!) as far as adventurous tattoos go, I happened to come across one such tattoo at a motorcycle rally in Kankakee, IL. One of the many shirtless, tattooed men had come up to have a conversation with my stepfather. I happened to look at the man's chest, and found a very unusual tattoo. On his left upper chest area, there was a tattoo of a very voluptuous woman "riding" on the back of a serpent.

One of her breasts were tattooed around the man's nipple, thereby making it look like both he and the girl shared that particular body part. He had accented it, by piercing his "shared" nipple! It was funny, inventive, and made you smile. At the very least, it was one of the most memorable and intriguing tattoos I had seen in my lifetime! Just as you would want to find a doctor to suit your ills; a chiropractor to take care of your aches and pains; or even a dentist to take care of those cavities -- so should you find a suitably experienced tattooist! Some actually have more experience with one style of tattoo or another, so finding the one that will do the best job, will make you feel better about you tattoo in the end

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