Friday, November 5, 2010

Get Your Tour De France Tattoo Today

race race tattoo sexyDoes anyone know if Lance Armstrong has a tattoo of the Tour de France? I personally have not met Lance, but I have met people who have and they say he is one strong individual and a downright honorable gentleman. A strong-willed individual with that level of strength of character could get a tattoo for the race that has defined their life, and is very much about who he is. No one could criticize that.

If you identify with strong-willed people, who never give up perhaps you should get a Tour de France tattoo too. Not long ago, I was in a bicycle shop getting a tune-up on my carbon fiber touring bike and I saw someone with a Tour de France tattoo. I asked him if he had ever ridden in the Tour and he said no he was not good enough, but he loved riding his bicycle and he said that it has kept them in shape and healthy as whole life and rides every day getting his inspiration from Lance Armstrong.

He told me that he had once gone to the Tour-de-France-route and watched the riders ride by. He said it was one of the highlights of his life, and made his vacation trip to Europe worthy of the cost. And he told me that to this day he watches the whole thing on TV back in the United States, every year. I told him that I did too, so he invited me over to watch it the next day with he and his wife, and we got on the subject of tattoos.

Many people who are sports enthusiasts buy tattoos, which signify their favorite events. I can think of probably no better mark to get on your body than one that signifies a race of perseverance, strength of character, and the ultimate in human endurance. Can you? Please consider all this.

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