Saturday, October 23, 2010

Butterfly Tattoos - Sexy and Feminine Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women and Girls

Butterfly tattoo designs have always been a favorite among women and girls. It is definitely very feminine and girly at the same time. It can be pretty and symbolical without being overly design or sentimental. If done tastefully and artistically, it also has the capability to exude charm and sexiness in a woman. The butterfly has always been a favorite subject and inspiration in the visual arts so its no wonder that this creature always end up tattooed on a female's skin.

Butterfly tattoos is common choice for females looking to get tattooed the first time. For one, it does not need to be big to be bold and striking. It is beautiful and amazing on its own because of its wonderful hues and interesting details. Moreover, its meanings and symbolism are always parallel to what a woman is undergoing through in her life. Things like change, transformation, rebirth, freedom and new life are some common connotations of butterfly tattoos. The life process that a butterfly went through, that is emerging from an ugly cocoon to come out as this exquisite creature with colorful wings is one trait that a woman always admire about them.

A butterfly tattoo design is also very versatile and flexible as it looks great regardless of which part of the body they are inked. There was a time when tribal butterfly tattoos became really popular on the lower back of women that they end up being regarded as "tramp stamp". Nowadays, its not limited to that area anymore as women are trying to adorn other parts of their body such as the ankle, shoulder blade, arm, rib cage, back and wrist.

The butterfly can also be combined with other symbols to make them even more appealing. Aside from tribal art, it can also be blended with Celtic styles. It can also be mixed with other popular tattoo images such as flowers, stars, vines, fairies and angels. Of course, one is not limited to these symbols alone as there are lots of choices to explore. Just a little creativity and imagination is needed in order to come up with that perfect butterfly tattoo design that one would want to be tattooed on her forever.

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